October Magazine 2008 – Includes 2007/2008 Annual Report


Dear Fellow Members, Since my last report, much has been happening in the Club, for the betterment of yourselves, your guests and our hotel guests. The long awaited air conditioning work on floors, 8 to 11 and some small adjustments to the existing air conditioning on floors 6 & 7 will when you read this have been completed. This work has revealed some other areas where remedial treatment is necessary and your Board and Management will deal with these problems both promptly and prudently. As reported by the General Manager in this edition of the magazine, additional work has also been undertaken to improve our hotel bathrooms. All of these works are vital not only to the upkeep and improvement of our most tangible asset, our heritage building, but are equally vital to our maintaining our vital 4 star hotel rating so important to our room rates. Our membership now stands at 3000, of which 1049 are mason members. In our last magazine I told you about a working party which had been formed to look at ways and means of improving our membership. A report will be before the next monthly Board meeting for consideration and decisions about implementation of various proposals. Whilst on the subject of membership, may I stress upon you the importance of renewing your membership promptly. A renewal form has been sent to you with this magazine.