October Magazine 2005 – Includes 2004/2005 Annual Report

President's Report

Dear Fellow Members, Our Annual General Meeting will be conducted at 1pm on Monday 28th November. It marks the completion of another year of profi table trading. I draw your attention to the notice about that meeting setting out the business to be conducted. I commend to your perusal the Directors’ Report for the year ended 30th June 2005 and the Financial Statements which accompany it. The President’s Dinner was conducted in Cello’s Restaurant on 24th September with approximately 90 guests in attendance. Our guests of honour were our Patron M.W. Bro Tony Lauer and his wife, Joy, the Deputy Grand Master R.W. Bro Greg Levenston and the Grand Secretary R.W. Bro Kevin McGlinn and their respective partners. The attendance of these guests marks the close ties your Board has established with the United Grand Lodge of NSW and the ACT during the last year.