Dine & Wine Tasting Lunch

Dine & Wine Tasting Lunch

Cellos Grand Dining Room


03/03/2021 – 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm


Cellos Grand Dining Room


Autumn Wine Appreciation Lunch with Tamburlaine Organic Wines


What better way to enjoy the start of autumn than enjoying fine wine, fabulous food and great friends, while bathing in the sunlit splendour of Cellos Grand Dining Room.

At our first wine tasting lunch event of the year, we’ll be popping-the-cork of some fabulous wines from the Hunter Valley with Tamburlaine Organic Wines, and brushing up on our knowledge with National Wholesale Manager, Bruce Lewis of Tamburlaine Organic Wines.

The wines we’ll be showcasing:

  • - 2020 Tamburlaine “On The Grapevine” Verdelho
  • - 2018 Tamburlaine Point 65 Malbec
  • - 2020 Tamburlaine “On The Grapevine” Pinot Gris
  • - 2018 Tamburlaine Reserve Orange Merlo


$65 pp Members

$75 pp Non-members

Includes a 2-course menu and wine tasting. Additional beverages are available.

ENQUIRIES – Call us on 9284 1006


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Tamburlaine Organic Wines – Leading the Way

Over 300 hectares Certified Organic and still growing!

Tamburlaine was established in 1966. In 1985 the Hunter winery was purchased by a small group of friends and relatives led by Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson. Mark has built his long-term winemaking philosophy around Contemporary Organic practices in the vineyard and the winery. After challenging years of research and development, we have become one of Australia’s largest producers of organic wines with vineyards in the Hunter Valley and Orange region.

Named after Christopher Marlowe’s famous play and character ‘Tamburlaine the Great’, we work to lead the way with our Contemporary Organics vision, successfully producing award-winning organic, vegan-friendly, low sulphur and no added sulphur wines.

For the last 15 years, Tamburlaine Organic Wines has operated certified organic vineyards in the Hunter Valley and Orange Regions and our certified organic winery in the Hunter Valley. Our Contemporary Organic philosophy aims to produce wines of terroir while limiting environmental pollution and leaving the land in the best condition possible for the generations to follow. Our contemporary winemaking uses plant-based fining agents while also keeping sulphur additions to a minimum.

Special Guest Speaker Bruce Lewis
National Wholesale Manager, Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Bruce is a relatively newcomer to the wine industry having spent more than 25 years in the premium cigar industry. He is considered an expert and spent 12 years working in senior executive roles with several leading cigar companies in the USA where he also developed blends and brands which were launched internationally. It was his time in the premium cigar industry which enabled him to meet many winemakers who were also keen cigar enthusiasts. These meetings and friendships led to a great passion for wine and a desire to transition to the wine industry.

Upon returning from the USA in 2014, Bruce met with Tamburlaine Organic Wines which had recently launched the wholesale arm of the winery. He started with Tamburlaine in June of that year and is now the National Wholesale Manager and a shareholder. Since this time, Tamburlaine has grown to become one of Australia’s largest producers of organic and preservative free wines with production facilities and vineyards in both the Hunter Valley and Orange.