b'NEW SOUTH WALES MASONIC CLUBNOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2022Notice is hereby given that the 130th Annual General Meeting of the New South Wales Masonic Club will be held in the fourth floor Cellos Dining Room on Monday 28th November 2022 at 1:00pm.BUSINESS AGENDA similar events as may be determined by theuntil the next Annual General Meeting of the Item No 1 Board from time to time; Club;ConfirmationoftheMinutesoftheprevious(iii) The reasonable cost of Directors attending(iii) ThateachotherDirectorbepaidan meeting held on 22nd November 2021. otherregisteredclubsforthepurposeHonorarium of $5,000 until the next Annual Item No 2 ofviewingandassessingtheirfacilitiesGeneral Meeting of the Club. To receive and consider the Directors Report,and methods of operation provided suchNotes for MembersFirst to Fourth Ordinary the Financial Statements for the year endedattendances are approved by the Board asResolutions 30thJune2022andtheAuditorsReportbeing necessary for the betterment of theTheOrdinaryResolutionsaretoapprove thereon. Club. variousbenefitsforDirectorsandMembers Item No 3 THIRD ORDINARY RESOLUTION ofdulyconstitutedSocial&SportingClubs MemberswillbeaskedtoconsiderandifThatpursuanttotheRegisteredClubsActwithin the Club which should be approved by thoughtfit,passthefollowingOrdinarythemembersherebyapproveandagreethe Members each year as they are not offered Resolutions: toexpenditurebytheClubofthefollowingequally to all Members of the Club. Expenditure benefits for Members: proposed in the resolution has been assessed FIRST ORDINARY RESOLUTION (i)ThatthePresidentbeallowedtoorderhaving regard to sums approved at last years PursuanttotheRegisteredClubsActthefood and beverages in the Club at a cost ofAnnual General Meeting for these benefits.Membersherebyapproveandagreetothe$8,000. PASSING OF RESOLUTIONS:expenditure by the Club in a sum not exceeding(ii)(a)That the Convenor (Chairman) of eachAn Ordinary Resolution requires votes from a $33,000,togetherwithGST,untilthenextof the House Supply & Staff Committeesimple majority of Members who being eligible AnnualGeneralMeetingoftheClubfortheand the Finance Committee be allowedtovotearepresentandwhovoteonthe following activities of Directors: to order food and beverages in the Clubresolution at the meeting.(i)The reasonable cost of meal and beveragesat a cost of $4,500; Under the Registered Clubs Act proxy voting is foreachDirectorimmediatelybeforeor(b)That the other Members of the Board beprohibited and employees of the Club who are immediatelyafteraBoardorCommitteeallowed to order food and beverages inmembers are ineligible to vote. meeting on the day of that meeting whenthe Club at a cost of $4,500.thatmeetingcorrespondswithanormalItem No 4meeting; (iii) That the allowances for food and beveragesTotransactanyotherbusinesswhichmay (ii)Reasonable expenses incurred by Directorsreferredtoearlierinthisresolutionshallbebroughtforwardbeforethemeeting,in in travelling to and from Directors meetingsinclude allowances for items consumed: conformity with the Clubs Memorandum and orotherdulyconstitutedcommittee(a)onthedayofand/orthedaybeforeArticles.meetings approved by the Board from timeand/or the day after any of the eventsBy order of the Boardto time on production of invoices, receiptsspecifiedintheFirstResolution or other proper documentary evidence ofwheretravellingarrangementsand/such expenditure; orthedutiesofaDirectormakethe (iii) Reasonabletravel,accommodation,consumption reasonable;meal, beverages and other out of pocket(b)onsuchotherdayswhenaDirectorPaul BraschGeneral Manager expenses incurred by Directors in relationisinattendanceattheClubintheDated: 5 October 2022to such other duties including attendancesdischargeofhis/herdutiesandthe at official functions on behalf of the Clubconsumption is approximate in time to inNewSouthWalesandinterstate,those duties and reasonable.entertainment of special guests of the Club(iv) ThattheMembersoftheNewSouthQuestionsatatthetheMMeetineetinggWales Masonic Club Seniors AssociationQuestionsandpromotionalactivitiesperformedbybe entitled each month to receive meals at Directors, providing all such activities andsuch reduced price as may be determinedMembers who wish to raise any expenses relating thereto are approved by the Board in advance, and on productionby the Board from time to time, providedqueries or seek information at the ofreceipts,invoicesorotherpropersuchmealsaretakenatafunctionAGM about the Financial Report, documentary evidence; organised in the Club for that Association; Directors Report and Auditors (iv) AnannualPresidentsDinnerwiththe(v)ThattheBoardoftheClubmakesuchreport, are asked to submit their personsinattendancetocomprisethedonations as it considers fit to each of thequeries or requests to the General Directorsandtheirpartnersandotherduly constituted social and sporting sub-persons (with their partners) as chosen byclubs within the Club, having regard to theManager at:the President; needs and expenditure of those sub-clubsadmin@nswmasonicclub.com.au (v)AnannualBoardPartnersDinnerinandwithoutbeingrequiredtomaintainat least 7 days before the Annual appreciation of their support. equality of expenditure between such sub- General Meeting.clubs.SECOND ORDINARY RESOLUTION FOURTH ORDINARY RESOLUTION This will enable properly researched That pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act theThatpursuanttotheRegisteredClubsActreplies to be prepared for the benefit membersherebyapproveandagreetothethemembersherebyapproveandagreeof Members.expenditure by the Club in a sum not exceedingtoexpenditurebytheClubofthefollowing $5,000, together with GST, for the professionalbenefits for members:development and education of Directors untilPlease join us for a light lunch the next Annual General Meeting and being: (i)That the President be paid an Honorarium (i)The reasonable cost of Directors attendingof $12,500 until the next Annual Generalbefore the AGM at 12.20pm.the Registered Clubs Associations AnnualMeeting. RSVP: Friday 25 November 2022. General Meeting; (ii)That the Convenor (Chairman) of the HouseCall Rita on 9284 1006 or email(ii)The reasonable cost of Directors attendingSupply & Staff Committee and the Financeadmin@nswmasonicclub.com.auseminars, lectures, trade displays and otherCommittee be paid an Honorarium of $7,500 8NSW Masonic Club October 2022'