b'Generalafter tax loss from the 2021 financialstaff. We are now rebuilding our year of $1,143,339 to a $125,519 losscasual team so that we can offer more Managersthis financial year. This took a lot ofservices such as night time food & hard work ! beverage options and daytime events for Report Members.We developed opportunities for our Dear Members,Club such as the collaboration with theFinally, I would like to thank our hard-Welcome to ourCity Tatts Club.Earlier this year, weworking Board for all their dedication, 2022 edition of theconverted our level 3 Conference Centresupport and ongoing assistance. We B O U R N EClub Magazine andto a Snooker Club, which our Membersrecently completed a Strategic Planning E L C U Annual Report.I hope this finds youare welcome to use and also reunited anprocess.I am looking forward to M P well. original snooker table which belonged todelivering on this.It is almost impossible to summarise thethe Club when it opened in 1927 in theWe may be a small team but there is a highs and lows on this past financialprocess.This was donated by Thelmalot of love shown to the Club to ensure year in one page however, at this pointHarris, wife of a former Member & Boardwe are around for a lot longer.We are I am reminded of a quote by a very wellDirector, Jack Harris.We also welcomedcertainly saddling up to far better times respected gentleman, Mike Willisee. City Tatts Clubs Corporate Conciergeahead. He said Sometimes the greatest actMembers to the ground floor Reagh BarTake care.We will see you in the Club of courage is simply saddling up to yet(daytime only) and Admin team on levelsoon. another day when you know the odds1 in a commercial agreement that will are stacked against you. That wascontinue to benefit our Club for the next definitely how it felt when we had onlyfour to five years whilst their building is a few guests in house, the Club was inbeing re-developed.We also grew ourPaul Brasch | General Manager lockdown for a number of months andMembership to 1700 Members at theNSW Masonic Club seeing our heard-earned cash reducingtime of writing this report.and Castlereagh Boutique Hoteldue to unavoidable operating expenses. Now that we are achieving a healthyI have never been one to dwellsurplus each month, thanks to the on negatives, so we focused onaccommodation sector, we are working making every day count during thesethrough a long list of back of house extraordinarily challenging times. Weinfrastructure projects including: two kept close as a team, communicatednew energy-efficient air-conditioning with our Members & Guests as oftenunits on the ground floor, a replacement as we could, we planned our recoveryboiler system, new stairs leading to with a new game plan and used thethe Cooling Tower (thanks to CPB opportunity to re-invest into the building. Contractors for the use of their crane We also triple-glazed the wholenext door) moving a vital water Southern side of the building facing theconnection, replacing the electricity Sydney Metro development !switchboard and progressing the Fire Order, to name a few. We are also Once out of lockdown, our hard-workingbusy planning the refurbishment of and dedicated team swung into action. an accommodation floor and other The bounce-back was reasonablyimprovements.immediate in accommodation, meetingsNone of this is possible without the and food & beverage although thesupport of so many: From Hotel Guests, visitation numbers were down initially.Members, the Board tomy ever-loyal We made money whilst the sun shoneTeam.We emerged from the Covid and set about re-building our cashlockdowns with the same dedicatedJACK HARRISreserves. We effectively reduced ourManagement Team and most of ourFormer DirectorMEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2023 CREDIT CARD PAYMENT DETAILSIf you have a due date of 2023 or beyond, your membershipCardholder Name:has already been paid and is not due for renewal. Please charge my credit card the sum of: $Please complete this section and return with payment. Visa MastercardAmerican ExpressYour number and membership type can be found on your card.Full Name: Card No.Due Date MemberMemberRenewing for Amount Due Expiry Date:/Number Category No. of Years31/12/22 Signature: Date:1 YEAR 3 YEARS 5 YEARS Return this form, or the form on the front of your ClubMasonic (lodge member) (Category 1) $40.00 $102.00 $170.00 Magazine address label, plus your payment to:Masonic (unattached) (Category 2) $50.00 $127.50 $200.00 PO Box A1160, Sydney South NSW 1235Ph 02 9284 1000|Fax 02 9284 1045Associate (Category 3) $50.00 $127.50 $200.00 Online renewals can be completed at www.nswmasonicclub.com.auOctober 2022 NSW Masonic Club5'