b'STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWSAS AT 30 JUNE 2022 FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2022Note20222021 Note20222021$$ $$CURRENT ASSETSCASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES Cash and cash equivalents51,165,656247,689 Receipts from members, guests & customers3,176,1051,670,616Trade and other receivables6127,92348,063 Payments to suppliers & employees(2,875,532) (2,359,762)Rent received63,97946,297Financial assets7700,0001,700,000 Dividends received21,94318,696Inventories822,72812,568 Interest received9,14635,032Other assets992,235 97,015 Net cash provided by/(used in) operating TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS2,108,5422,105,335activities 395,641 (589,121)NON-CURRENT ASSETSCASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIESFinancial assets7558,919597,448 Payments for property, plant and equipment(485,929)(422,752)Property, plant and equipment1038,542,082 38,377,134 Proceeds from sale of investments157,6499,589Payments for investments in listed securities(149,394)(13,071)Deferred tax assets12152,523 105,700 Funds withdrawn from term deposits1,000,000 900,000TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS39,253,52439,080,282 Net cash provided by/(used in) investing activities522,326473,766TOTAL ASSETS 41,362,06641,185,617 CASH FLOWS FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES CURRENT LIABILITIESNet cash provided by/(used in) financingactivities - - Trade and other payables11388,787183,551 Net increase/(decrease) in cash917,967(115,355)Employee benefits liabilities13274,124204,897 Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of theOther liabilities14144,045 66,099financial year247,689 363,044Cash and cash equivalents at end of theTOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES806,956 454,547financial year5 1,165,656 247,689NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES Employee benefits liabilities1366,036 56,190 NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTSTOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES66,036 56,190 FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2022TOTAL LIABILITIES872,992 510,737NET ASSETS40,489,07440,674,880 The financial statements cover the New South Wales Masonic Club (the MEMBERS EQUITYClub) as an individual entity, incorporated and domiciled in Australia. The Reserves35,630,132 35,690,419 Club is a company limited by guarantee.Retained earnings 4,858,9424,984,461 The financial statements were authorised for issue on 7 September 2022 by the directors of the Club.NOTE 1:SUMMARY OF SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIESTOTAL MEMBERS EQUITY40,489,07440,674,880 Basis of PreparationThese general purpose financial statements have been prepared in accordance withtheCorporationsAct2001andAustralianAccountingStandards SimplifiedDisclosuresandInterpretationsoftheAustralianAccounting Standards Board. The Club is a not-for-profit entity for financial reporting purposes under Australian Accounting Standards. Material accounting policies STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN EQUITY adopted in the preparation of these financial statements are presented below FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2022 and have been consistently applied unless stated otherwise.The financial statements, except for the cash flow information, have been prepared on an accruals basis and are based on historical costs, modified, RetainedCapital AssetFinancialTotal where applicable, by the measurement at fair value of selected non-current Earnings Reserve Revaluation Assetassets, financial assets and financial liabilities. The amounts in the financial Reserve Reserve statements have been rounded to the nearest dollar.$ $ $ $ $ New or amended Accounting Standards and Interpretations adoptedBalance as atTheClubhasadoptedallneworamendedAccountingStandardsand 30 June 2020 6,127,800 1,319,388 34,283,493 (19,544) 41,711,137 Interpretations issued by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) that are mandatory for the current reporting period. Any new or amended Loss attributableAccounting Standards or Interpretations that are not yet mandatory have not to Members (1,143,339) - - - (1,143,339) been early adopted. The following Accounting Standards and Interpretations Total otherare most relevant to the Club:comprehensiveConceptual Framework for Financial Reporting (Conceptual Framework)income for the year - - - 107,082 107,082 The Club has adopted the revised Conceptual Framework from 1 July 2021. The Balance as atConceptual Framework contains new definition and recognition criteria as well 30 June 2021 4,984,461 1,319,388 34,283,493 87,538 40,674,880 as new guidance on measurement that affects several Accounting Standards, but it has not had a material impact on the Clubs financial statements.Loss attributableGoing Concernto Members (125,519) - - - (125,519) The financial statements have been prepared on a going concern basis, Total otherwhichcontemplatescontinuityofnormalbusinessactivitiesandthe comprehensiverealisation of assets and settlements of liabilities in the ordinary course of income for the year - - - (60,287) (60,287) business for a period of at least twelve months from the date these financial Balance as atstatements were approved.30 June 2022 4,858,942 1,319,388 34,283,493 27,251 40,489,074 As at 30 June 2022, the Club incurred a net loss after tax of $125,519 (2021: net loss of $1,143,339) and an operating cash inflow of $395,641 (2021: cash outflow of $589,121).October 2022 NSW Masonic Club13'