b'NEW SOUTH WALES MASONIC CLUBABN 79 000 003 289Your Directors present their report on the Newand facilities usually associated with a Licensed SouthWalesMasonicClub(theClub)fortheSocial Club and to operate a boutique hotel at financial year ended 30 June 2022. not less than a four-star standard. No significant The names, qualifications, experience and specialchange in the nature of these activities occurred responsibilities of the Directors in office at anyduring the year.time during, or since the end of, the year are: Theseactivitieshaveassistedinachieving Stephen George Bates, B. Bus, CA. the short and long term objectives of the Club Elected to the Board on 25 November 1996. bybeingconsistentinallrespectswiththose Occupation: Director, Watson Erskine & Co Ptyobjectives.Ltd, Chartered Accountants. President from 23DIRECTORS REPORT Key Performance MeasuresNovember 2015 to 22 November 2021. FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2022 The Club measures its own performance through Special Responsibilities: Treasurer and Member,theuseofbothquantitativeandqualitative Finance Committee from 22 November 2021. benchmarks.Thebenchmarksareusedbythe Graham William Byrne, BA Meetings of Directors directors to assess the financial sustainability of Elected to the Board on 26 November 2007.During the financial year, the Board ofthe company and whether the Clubs short-term Passed away 16 October 2021. Occupation:Directors met on 15 occasions, the House,and long-term objectives are being achieved. Key Managing Director, Graham Byrne & AssociatesSupply and Staff Committee met on 12performance benchmarks used include:Pty Ltd, Management Consultants (retired). occasions and the Finance Committee metAverage monthly room rate for accommodation;Special Responsibilities: Member, Financeon 12 occasions. The number of meetingsAverage monthly room rate for accommodation Committee to 16 October 2021. attended by each Director during the year outnet of commissions;Robert Eaglesham, Dip. AII of the total number possible were: Monthly occupancy rate for accommodation;Elected to the Board on 23 November 2015.Monthly EBITDA against budget;Occupation: Company Director. Board Committees Monthly departmental operating results against Vice President from 25 November 2019 to 22SG Bates 15/15 17/17 budget;November 2021. GW Byrne 1/4 3/3 Cash flow forecasting;Special Responsibilities: Convenor, House SupplyFunction enquiries capture rate;and Staff Committee to 22 November 2021;RJ Eaglesham 15/15 12/12 Feedback from members, guests and social Member, Finance Committee from 22 NovemberG Habitz 10/10 7/7 media;2021. Survey of members and guests;Peter Read, B. Bus, CPA, GAICD S Hodgson 15/15 11/12 Membership growth;Elected to the Board on 23 November 2015. P Read 15/15 12/12 Capital expenditure program against set Occupation: Principal, Present and AccountedW Redpath 15/15 12/12 milestones; andFor, Strategic Financial Consultants. ViceP Zeilic 15/15 12/12 Monitoring of regular training programs for President from 22 November 2021. employees.Special Responsibilities: Convenor, FinanceClubs Objectives Operating ResultsCommittee. The Clubs short term objectives are to: The loss for the year amounted to $125,519 (2021 Peter Zeilic, B. Sc., B. Arch, M. Proj Mgmt, JusticeProvide its Members with bars, restaurant/bistro,loss: $1,143,339) after allowing for an income tax of the Peace meeting rooms, function rooms and a high qualitybenefit.Elected to the Board on 23 November 2009. of service; Review of OperationsOccupation: Managing Director, Peter Zeilic PtyProvide Members and guests with high qualityThe Covid-19 pandemic continued to impact the Ltd, trading as Dimension 5 Design Architectureaccommodation facilities; Clubs operations during the 2022 financial year, & Project Management. Provide Members and guests with service of thewith lockdown measures having a significant President from 22 November 2021. highest practical level; impact on accommodation and other revenues. Special Responsibilities: Member, House SupplyProvideMembersandguestswithahighHowever, since the third quarter of this financial and Staff Committee to 22 November 2021. standard of food and beverage offering; and year there has been a return to more normal trading StephenHodgson,Dip.Co.Directorship,Dip.Provideappropriatetrainingforstaffandconditions and the Club has been generating profits Forensic Medicine, Justice of the Peace directors. since March 2022.Elected to the Board on 25 November 2019. The Clubs long term objectives are to: The accommodation segment achieved an increase Occupation: Managing Director, KASH ImagesContinually upgrade the quality of the hotel inin revenue compared to the previous year, as did Pty Ltd, Forensic Inspection Reporting Services &order to maximise its commercial returns for thethe food and beverage operations. As a result, Testing (FIRST). overall betterment of the Club and the facilitiesthe contribution achieved from all of the Clubs Special Responsibilities: Treasurer and Member,it provides to its Members; and operational areas was $493,000 higher than the Finance Committee to 22 November 2021;previous year. Costs were $109,000 lower than Member, House Supply and Staff Committee fromContinually upgrade the quality of service offeredthe previous year, due to lower costs across the 22 November 2021. by staff. business, mainly personnel, marketing, utilities, and William Redpath Strategies repairs and maintenance costs, and were further Elected to the Board on 25 November 2019.To achieve these objectives the Club has adoptedassisted by wage and income subsidies received Occupation: Retired. the following strategies: from the New South Wales Government. The Clubs Special Responsibilities: Member, House SupplyDevelopmentofanintegratedcapitaloperating loss before tax was lower than the prior and Staff Committee to November 2021.improvements program funded from retainedyear loss by $1,076,000.Convenor House, Supply & Staff Committee fromand current earnings; The Board of Directors, in conjunction with the 22 November 2021. DevelopmentofarefurbishmentandGeneral Manager, made a number of decisions to Gunnar Habitz maintenance program designed to uphold themitigate as much as possible the ongoing financial Elected to the Board on 22 November 2021.heritage status of the building and enhance theimpact of Covid-19 during the year including:Occupation: Social Media Consultant. quality of the facilities available to Members; and Suspending most capital expenditure programs;Special Responsibilities: Member, House SupplyMaintenance of best practice technology toSuspending payment of Directors fees from 1 and Staff Committee from 22 November 2021. maximise returns from accommodation andSeptember 2021 to 31 October 2021;ancillary revenue streams for the benefit of the Club. Curtailing the Clubs building maintenance Directors have been in office since the start ofPrincipal Activities program, andthe financial year to the date of this report unlessTheprincipalactivitiesoftheClubduringtheReducing operating expenses to the extent otherwise stated. yearweretoprovideMemberswithamenitiespossible.October 2022 NSW Masonic Club11'