b'lightingsystems,divertedwasteawayfromall Members of every class will, except in any case landfill, upgraded the hot water boiler system,of unlimited liability, be not more than an amountAUDITORS INDEPENDENCE replacedinefficientrefrigerationandinstalledequal to the number of Members of every class block out blinds in accommodation rooms. multiplied by $4.00. DECLARATION After Balance Date Events Membership DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE BY No matters or circumstances have arisen sinceAt 30 June 2023 total Members numbered 1,779CLAYTON EVELEIGH TO THE DIRECTORS the end of the financial year which significantlycomprising 458 Mason Members, 986 AssociateOF NEW SOUTH WALES MASONIC CLUBaffected or may affect the operations of the Club,Members, 316 Affiliate Members, 1 Patron and 18 the result of those operations, or the state of affairsHonorary Members.of the Club in future financial years. Core Property I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and Liability of Members on a Winding Up The Core Property of the Club as at 30 June 2023belief, during the year ended 30 June 2023, For every class of membership the amount forwas the property known as 169-173 Castlereaghthere have been:which every Member is liable to contribute if theStreet, Sydney. (i)No contraventions of the auditor Club is wound up is: As at that date there was no Non-Core Propertyindependence requirements as set out in the (i)Such amount as may be required notof the Club. Corporations Act 2001 in relation to the audit; exceeding $4.00; Auditors Independence Declaration and(ii)In the event that the liability of any Member(ii)No contraventions of any applicable code of of any class becomes unlimited, then suchTheauditorsindependencedeclarationfortheprofessional conduct in relation to the audit.other amount as may be required accordingyear ended 30 June 2023 has been received and to the circumstances in which that eventcan be found on page 7 of the financial report.occurred. Any Members liability becomesSignedinaccordancewitharesolutionofthe unlimited if that Member makes (or knowinglyBoard of Directors: consents to or assists in the making of) anClayton Eveleighunauthorised payment or transfer of any partDirectorof the income or property of the Club to any Member or former Member of the Club or toBDO Audit Pty Ltdany person claiming through them. Peter Read4th day of October 2023 The Club is governed under the Corporations ActDirector Level 112001 and is a company limited by guarantee. IfDated: 4th day of October 2023 1 Margaret Streetthe Club is wound up the total amount payable bySYDNEY NSW 2000 STATEMENT OF PROFIT OR LOSS STATEMENT OF OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOMEFOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2023 FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2023Note20232022 Note20232022$$ $$Revenue25,882,8172,658,068 Profit/(loss) for the year1,055,883 (125,519)Gain on disposal of assets226,46250,110Other comprehensive income (OCI) after income tax:Raw materials and consumables used(553,311)(280,380) Items that will not be reclassified Employment benefits expense(2,722,472) (1,564,980) subsequently to profit or loss:Government subsidies-175,261 Net gain on revaluation of non-current Depreciation of property, plant and equipment 3(369,801)(320,981) assets, net of tax101,520,035-Occupancy expense(749,200)(587,598) Net gain/(loss) on revaluation of financial assets at fair value through OCI, net of tax2 (19,817) (60,287) Impairment of trade receivablesOther expenses(380,559)(281,746) Other comprehensive income for the year, net of tax1,500,218 (60,287)Profit/(loss) before income tax expense1,133,936(152,246) Total comprehensive income for the year2,556,101 (185,806)Income tax (expense)/benefit4 (78,053) 26,727 Total comprehensive income attributable to: Profit/(loss) for the year1,055,883 (125,519) Members of the Club2,556,101 (185,806)SNOOKER ROOM - LEVEL 3 WORLD GYM CASUAL MEMBERSHIPMembers of NSW Masonic Club are welcome to play theWe are now able to offer casual use of World Gym located in snooker tables on level 3 free of charge, unless otherwisethe Castlereagh Club to our Hotel Guests and Members.advised, according to the established City Tattersalls ClubWorld Gym is open 24 hours and only a short stroll from the rules, which are available on our website. Club, located at 199 Castlereagh Street. SNOOKER ROOM OPENING HOURS If Members or hotel guests would like to visit the gym, please MondaySaturday 11am11pm see our staff at reception (ground floor). A casual visit is $12 Sundays 11am7pm per day and you can access the gym as many times as you Reserved each Tuesday from 6pm for the City Tattersalls Clubslike up until midnight that day. Our staff will issue you with Snooker teams. an access token upon payment.12NSW Masonic Club October 2023'