b'NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS INDEPENDENT AUDITORS REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2023 TO THE MEMBERS OF NEW SOUTH WALES MASONIC CLUBNOTE 22:SPECIAL REPORTING REQUIREMENTSReport on the Audit of the Financial ReportThe Registered Clubs Act (as amended) requires the Club to make availableOpinionto Members the following information in relation to the financial year: We have audited the financial report of New South Wales Masonic Club (i)There were no contracts of employment with a top executive of the(the Company), which comprises the statement of financial position as at 30 Club approved during the reporting period. June 2023, the statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income, (ii)Purpose and details of overseas travel by a director or employee the statement of changes in equity and the statement of cash flows for the of the Club.Nil year then ended, and notes to the financial report, including a summary of significant accounting policies, and the directors declaration.(iii)Total profits/(losses) from gaming machines in the Club during the In our opinion the accompanying financial report of New South Wales 12 month period ended 31 August in the financial Masonic Club, is in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001, including: year to which this report relates.Nil (i)Giving a true and fair view of the Companys financial position as at (iv)Amount applied by the Club to community development and 30 June 2023 and of its financial performance for the year ended on support during the 12 month period ended 30 November that date; and in the financial year to which this report relates.Nil (ii)Complying with Australian Accounting StandardsSimplified (v)Loans made to employees of the Club.Nil Disclosures and the Corporations Regulations 2001. (vi)Consultants to the Club that were paid in excess of $30,000:Nil Basis for opinion (vii)Total consultancy fees paid, excluding amounts disclosed above - $36,522. We conducted our audit in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards.(viii) There was no settlement made with a Member of the governing body Our responsibilities under those standards are further described in the or employee as a result of a legal dispute and no associated legal fees. Auditors responsibilities for the audit of the Financial Report section of our report.We are independent of the Company in accordance with the (ix)No legal fees were paid on behalf of a Member of the governing body Corporations Act 2001 and the ethical requirements of the Accounting or an employee. Professional and Ethical Standards Boards APES 110 Code of Ethics for (x)The Core Property of the Club as at 30 June 2023 was theProfessional Accountants (including Independence Standards) (the Code) property known as 169-173 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. that are relevant to our audit of the financial report in Australia.We have As at that date there was no Non-Core Property of the Club. also fulfilled our other ethical responsibilities in accordance with the Code.(xi)Set out below are disclosures made by a director, top executive orWe confirm that the independence declaration required by the Corporations employee in relation to: Act 2001, which has been given to the directors of the Company, would be in A material personal interest that a director has in a matter relating tothe same terms if given to the directors as at the time of this auditors report.the affairs of the Clubnil. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and A personal or financial interest of a director or top executive in a contractappropriate to provide a basis for our opinion. relating to the procurement of goods or services or any major capitalOther information works of the Club: The directors are responsible for the other information.The other Peter Zeilic - $24,108, for architectural services rendered in relationinformation obtained at the date of this auditors report is information to applying to local council for a construction certificate. included in the annual report, but does not include the financial report and our auditors report thereon. Any financial interest of a director or top executive in a hotel situatedOur opinion on the financial report does not cover the other information and within 40 kilometres of the Clubs premisesnil. accordingly we do not express any form of assurance conclusion thereon. A gift or remuneration of $1,000 or more from an affiliated body ofIn connection with our audit of the financial report, our responsibility is to read the Club or from a person or body that has entered into a contractthe other information and, in doing so, consider whether the other information with the Clubnil. is materially inconsistent with the financial report or our knowledge obtained (xii)Donations made to the Clubs internal sub-clubs, other entities utilisingin the audit, or otherwise appears to be materially misstated.the Clubs facilities and charitable institutions amounted to $1,617. If, based on the work we have performed on the other information obtained Training prior to the date of this auditors report, we conclude that there is a material The Board of Directors has met its governance obligations under Part 6 ofmisstatement of this other information, we are required to report that fact. the Registered Clubs Regulations 2015. The following directors and GeneralWe have nothing to report in this regard. Manager (Club Secretary) have completed the required training, as prescribed: Responsibilities of the directors for the Financial Report Stephen BatesDirectorStephen HodgsonDirector The directors of the Company are responsible for the preparation of the William RedpathDirectorPaul BraschGeneral Manager financial report that gives a true and fair view in accordance with Australian Robert EagleshamDirector Accounting StandardsSimplified Disclosures and the Corporations Act 2001 and for such internal control as the directors determine is necessary to enable the preparation of the financial report that gives a true and fair view and is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. In preparing the financial report, the directors are responsible for assessing DIRECTORS DECLARATION the Companys ability to continue as a going concern, disclosing, as applicable, matters related to going concern and using the going concern basis of accounting unless the directors either intend to liquidate the ThedirectorsoftheNewSouthWalesMasonicClub(theCompany)Company or to cease operations, or has no realistic alternative but to do so. declare that: Auditors responsibilities for the audit of the Financial Report 1.The financial statements and notes are in accordance with theOur objectives are to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the Corporations Act 2001 and: financial report as a whole is free from material misstatement, whether due (a)comply with Australian Accounting StandardsSimplifiedto fraud or error, and to issue an auditors report that includes our opinion.Disclosures applicable to the Company; and Reasonable assurance is a high level of assurance, but is not a guarantee that an audit conducted in accordance with the Australian Auditing (b)give a true and fair view of the financial position as at 30 June 2023Standards will always detect a material misstatement when it exists.and performance for the year ended on that date of the Company, Misstatements can arise from fraud or error and are considered material if, 2.in the directors opinion there are reasonable grounds to believe thatindividually or in the aggregate, they could reasonably be expected to influence the Company will be able to pay its debts as and when they becomethe economic decisions of users taken on the basis of this financial report. due and payable. A further description of our responsibilities for the audit of the financial This declaration is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board ofreport is located at the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board Directors.website (http://www.auasb.gov.au/Home.aspx) at: http://www.auasb.gov.au/auditors_responsibilities/ar4.pdfThis description forms part of our auditors report. BDO Audit Pty LtdPeter ReadDirector Clayton EveleighDated: 4th day of October 2023 DirectorSydney, 4 October 202318NSW Masonic Club October 2023'