October Magazine 2009 – Includes 2008/2009 Annual Report


Dear Fellow Members,
All members should have received my message of 7
September about the forthcoming Board elections. A reading
of the annual report, which appears in this edition of the
magazine, will indicate that the Club, like all others, will
require a Board for the next two years which is experienced
and able to make difficult decisions. All nominees for Board membership
consent to attend, if requested, a meeting with a person or persons nominated
by the Board to discuss their understanding of the desirable attributes and the
duties of a Director. I urge you to consider carefully any nomination and to look
well to your ballot.
In an article in this edition I have set out in some detail major events in the life
of the Club over the past year. Accordingly, I shall use this opportunity to report
on those responsible for various aspects of the Club’s activities.