b'Its the party of the century - and youre invited!Join us on Wednesday 10th of November when we celebrate the 100th birthday of a very special Member, Thelma Hedger.Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of New South Wales and Mr Dennis Wilson have locked it in the diary, and will be joining us for a birthday lunch in Cellos to present Thelma with a letter from the Queen.Birthday Luncheon: $65 per person -Includes a 2-course lunch and 2 beverages (local beer, house wine & soft drink). Inclusive of GST and Member discount. Lunch commences at 12pm and all guests must be seated by 12.10pm before the arrival of the Governor at 12.30pm.If you cant make it, or miss out on this event, be sure to wish Thelma a very Happy Birthday by joining us for one of our many events she loves to attend!BOOKINGS: Rita on 9284 1006 or email admin@thecastlereagh.com.auPlease note that numbers are strictly limited and NSW Government Health Regulations require that all attendees are fully vaccinated.NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021 CONTINUED(e)the quorum for a meeting of the Board willRegistered Clubs Associations Annual Generalmaintain equality of expenditure between such be five (5) directors personally present at aMeeting; sub-clubs.board meeting. (ii)ThereasonablecostofDirectorsattendingFOURTH ORDINARy RESOLUTIONItem No 4 seminars,lectures,tradedisplaysandotherThatpursuanttotheRegisteredClubsActthe Members will be asked to consider and if thoughtsimilar events as may be determined by themembers hereby approve and agree to expenditure fit, pass the following Ordinary Resolutions: Board from time to time; by the Club of the following benefits for members:FIRST ORDINARy RESOLUTION (iii)ThereasonablecostofDirectorsattending(i)That the President be paid an Honorarium of Pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act the Membersother registered clubs for the purpose of viewing$12,500 until the next Annual General Meeting.hereby approve and agree to the expenditure byandassessingtheirfacilitiesandmethods(ii)ThattheConvenor(Chairman)oftheHouse the Club in a sum not exceeding $33,000, togetherofoperationprovidedsuchattendancesareSupply&StaffCommitteeandtheFinancewith GST, until the next Annual General Meetingapproved by the Board as being necessary forCommitteebepaidanHonorariumof$7,500 of the Club for the following activities of Directors: the betterment of the Club. until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club;(i)The reasonable cost of meal and beveragesTHIRD ORDINARy RESOLUTION (iii)ThateachotherDirectorbepaidan foreachDirectorimmediatelybeforeorThatpursuanttotheRegisteredClubsActtheHonorarium of $5,000 until the next Annual immediatelyafteraBoardorCommitteemembers hereby approve and agree to expenditureGeneral Meeting of the Club. meeting on the day of that meeting when thatby the Club of the following benefits for Members: Notes for MembersFirst to Fourth Ordinary meeting corresponds with a normal meeting; (i)That the President be allowed to order foodResolutions (ii)ReasonableexpensesincurredbyDirectorsand beverages in the Club at a cost of $8,000. The Ordinary Resolutions are to approve various intravellingtoandfromDirectorsmeetings(ii)(a) That the Convenor (Chairman) of each of thebenefitsforDirectorsandMembersofduly or other duly constituted committee meetingsHouse Supply & Staff Committee and theconstitutedSocial&SportingClubswithinthe approved by the Board from time to time onFinance Committee be allowed to order foodClub which should be approved by the Members production of invoices, receipts or other properand beverages in the Club at a cost of $4,500; each year as they are not offered equally to all documentary evidence of such expenditure; (b) That the other Members of the Board beMembersoftheClub.Expenditureproposedin (iii)Reasonabletravel,accommodation,meal,allowed to order food and beverages in thethe resolution has been assessed having regard beverages and other out of pocket expensesClub at a cost of $4,500. to sums approved at last years Annual General incurredbyDirectorsinrelationtosuch(iii)That the allowances for food and beveragesMeeting for these benefits.other duties including attendances at officialreferred to earlier in this resolution shall include functions on behalf of the Club in New Southallowances for items consumed: PASSING OF RESOLUTIONS:Wales and interstate, entertainment of special(a)on the day of and/or the day before and/ A Special Resolution must receive votes in favour guests of the Club and promotional activitiesor the day after any of the events specifiedfrom not less than three quarters (75%) of Masonic performedbyDirectors,providingallsuchintheFirstResolutionwheretravellingand Life members who, being eligible to do so, vote activitiesandexpensesrelatingtheretoarearrangements and/or the duties of a Directorin person on the Special Resolution at the meeting. approvedbytheBoardinadvance,andonmake the consumption reasonable; AnOrdinaryResolutionrequiresvotesfroma production of receipts, invoices or other proper(b)on such other days when a Director is insimple majority of Members who being eligible to documentary evidence; attendance at the Club in the dischargevote are present and who vote on the resolution at (iv) An annual Presidents Dinner with the personsof his/her duties and the consumption isthe meeting.in attendance to comprise the Directors andapproximate in time to those duties andUndertheRegisteredClubsActproxyvotingis theirpartnersandotherpersons(withtheirreasonable. prohibitedandemployeesoftheClubwhoare partners) as chosen by the President; (iv) That the Members of the New South Walesmembers are ineligible to vote. (v)AnannualBoardPartnersDinnerinMasonic Club Seniors Association be entitledItem No 5appreciation of their support. each month to receive meals at such reducedTotransactanyotherbusinesswhichmaybe SECOND ORDINARy RESOLUTION price as may be determined by the Board frombrought forward before the meeting, in conformity ThatpursuanttotheRegisteredClubsActthetime to time, provided such meals are takenwith the Clubs Memorandum and Articles.membersherebyapproveandagreetotheat a function organised in the Club for thatBy order of the Boardexpenditure by the Club in a sum not exceedingAssociation;$5,000,togetherwithGST,fortheprofessional(v)That the Board of the Club make such donations development and education of Directors until theas it considers fit to each of the duly constituted next Annual General Meeting and being: social and sporting sub-clubs within the Club, (i)The reasonable cost of Directors attending thehaving regard to the needs and expenditure ofPaul BraschGeneral Manager those sub-clubs and without being required toDated: 6 October 2021October 2021 NSW Masonic Club9'