b'Generalour losses as much as possible includingvaccinated rate increases in NSW, we the following:are able to get back to doing the things ManagersSuspending most of the capitalwe lovedining out, visiting friends and Report expenditure programs, family and travel.Prioritising and reducing the ClubsWe are geared up to enhance the Clubs Dear Members,building maintenance program,food and beverage offering as business Welcome to theReducing operating expenses byimproves and we have some exciting 2021 edition of our$473,000,events lined up for you to enjoy.We Club Magazine andSuspending payment of Directors feessubmitted a Development Application Annual Report.I hope this finds youfor six months, for the accommodation room safe,well and happy.Temporary standing down mostrefurbishment, finetuned our design I recall saying last year that 2021 wouldClub employees or reducing theirfor the partial (heritage) makeover be a better year than 2020 and herehours during the lockdowns, whilstrooms ready to roll out across a whole we are, just emerging from the longeststill maintaining the basic buildingfloor (or floors) as our funds improve lockdown the Club has ever experienced,operation and security. and are submitting a Construction all 108 days of it, from Friday 25 JuneThese are tough times but we used theCertificate for the old but still current to Monday 11 October 2021.We havedown time effectively to evaluate whatrooftop Development Application. We endured many highs and lows over thewe did well and planimprovements inare permitted to construct 2 levels of past 19 months since the World Healthour daily operations including:lightweight construction in the future Organization declared Covid-19 asshould the club wish to but this has a worldwide pandemic, on 11 MarchThe Management team completelyimportant role to play in the design of 2020. repainting the foyer, the adjoining Sydney Metro building, to We are however, a resilient team ofWe finished repainting the fire stairs,our advantage.people and we rose to the challengefront and back I would like to especially acknowledge of operating what really felt like aWe took back the food and beveragethe valued contribution of Director Mr roller-coaster ride in 2020 and 2021.Ioperation from the Caterer on 14Graham Byrne for his 14 years of service sincerely thank the Board, Management,February 2021,on the Board and for his personal my hard-working Team and our loyalWe progressed the Fire Safety Orderguidance of my role.Graham was Members and Guests for all your supportworks,gravely ill and sadly passed away on and well wishes through this mostWe commenced the triple-glazingSaturday 16 October 2021.May he rest difficult of times.project on our Southern wall facingin peace and forever be remembered.Despite making some money in betweenthe Sydney Metro works,Finally, I would like to sincerely thank the lockdowns, (definitely the highs ofSubmitted our response to themy loyal team at the Club and the the roller-coaster ride) financially, theproposed Sydney Metro Over StationBoard for their enormous hard work and year ran at a loss of $1,143,339 afterDevelopment. dedication during this tough financial tax. We saw a dramatic reduction inWe applied for every bit of Governmentyear.the need for accommodation in the CBDsupport we could including Jobkeeper,Please keep supporting the Club.We (our traditional money-maker) andwhich we passed on fully to our staff,miss you all.You will be greeted by this impacted on other revenues.Onand collected on previously negotiatedfamiliar faces still here to welcome you a more positive note, we put on someSydney Metro Compensation to boostback and look after you.exciting new events and saw our foodour operating cash flow. We managed and beverage, and meeting room hireour finances well and still have someTake care.bookings increase higher than before, asfunds in reserve due to the war chest people searched for new experiences towe built up pre-Covid.enjoy and to simply connect with otherWhat does the future look like in thesePaul Brasch | General Manager people. uncertain times?NSW Masonic Club Throughout the year, the Board and IThe next few months will be slow toand Castlereagh Boutique Hotelmade a number of decisions to mitigatebuild and we hope that as our fully MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2022 CREDIT CARD PAyMENT DETAILSIf you have a due date of 2022 or beyond, your membershipCardholder Name:has already been paid and is not due for renewal. Please charge my credit card the sum of: $Please complete this section and return with payment. Visa MastercardAmerican ExpressYour number and membership type can be found on your card.Full Name: Card No.Due Date MemberMemberRenewing for Amount Due Expiry Date:/Number Category No. of years31/12/21 Signature: Date:1 yEAR 3 yEARS 5 yEARS Return this form, or the form on the front of your ClubMasonic (lodge member) (Category 1) $40.00 $102.00 $170.00 Magazine address label, plus your payment to:Masonic (unattached) (Category 2) $50.00 $127.50 $200.00 PO Box A1160, Sydney South NSW 1235Ph 02 9284 1000|Fax 02 9284 1045Associate (Category 3) $50.00 $127.50 $200.00 Online renewals can be completed at www.nswmasonicclub.com.auOctober 2021 NSW Masonic Club5'