b'DECEASED MEMBERSiNDepeNDeNT aUDiTors reporT TO THE MEMBERS OF NEW SOUTH WALES MASONIC CLUB It is with great sadness that we report the passing of the (CONTINUED) following loyal Members of the Club and we express our sympathies to their families.If, based on the work we have performed on the other informationMr Robert Timothy Anderson Mr Stanley Hingobtained prior to the date of this auditors report, we conclude thatMr Kenneth Ian Braham Mr John Lovedaythere is a material misstatement of this other information, we areMr Graham Byrne Mr Basil Macreerequired to report that fact. We have nothing to report in this regard.Mr Peter Edmonds Mr Albert PensonResponsibilities of the directors for the Financial Report Mr William ForsterMr Michael PajorThe directors of the Company are responsible for the preparation ofMiss Margaret Enid Starrthe financial report that gives a true and fair view in accordance with Australian Accounting StandardsSimplified Disclosures and the Corporations Act 2001 and for such internal control as the directorsWED LIKE TO WELCOME OUR determine is necessary to enable the preparation of the financial report that gives a true and fair view and is free from material misstatement,NEWEST MEMBERS TO THE CLUBwhether due to fraud or error. In preparing the financial report, the directors are responsible for assessing the Companys ability to continue as a going concern,Mr Michael Azzi, Facilities ManagerMr Robert Jurukovski, Architect disclosing, as applicable, matters related to going concern and usingMr Kushal Mandavia, AccountMs Lesley Kerl, Celebrantthe going concern basis of accounting unless the directors either intendManagerMiss Jacqueline Lackey, Retired to liquidate the Company or to cease operations, or has no realisticMr Aidan Rosa, Casual AcademicSecretaryalternative but to do so.MrIan Alexander, TeacherMrs Trish Lane, Social WorkerAuditors responsibilities for the audit of the Financial ReportBarton Barrack, NSW Public Servant Mr Hugh Langford-Smith, NSW Our objectives are to obtain reasonable assurance about whether theMr Stanley Beaman, Retired Teacher Governmentfinancial report as a whole is free from material misstatement, whetherMr Ross Berry, Manager NSW Govt Mr Roy Lawson, Businessmandue to fraud or error, and to issue an auditors report that includes ourMr Peter Binning, Opera SingerMr Deeban, Leanopinion.Reasonable assurance is a high level of assurance, but is notMr Adam Black, Accountant Mr Giuseppe Lecca, Plumbera guarantee that an audit conducted in accordance with the AustralianMr Konrad Bohleke, Academic Ms Peggy Lim, Bank ManagerAuditing Standards will always detect a material misstatement when itMr Ken Broomhead, RetiredMr Gregor Lockyer, Retired exists.Misstatements can arise from fraud or error and are consideredMr David Brow, Facilities ManagerMrsXinyangLu, Accountantmaterial if, individually or in the aggregate, they could reasonably beMrs Catherine Brown, Retired Mrs Susan Lusty, Catererexpected to influence the economic decisions of users taken on the basisMr Robin Brown, Farmer Mr Michael Mansheld, Manager of this financial report.Mrs Leith Bruce-Steer, Social Worker Mrs Gabrielle McDonnell, Retired A further description of our responsibilities for the audit of the financialMr Alan Chan, Project Manager Accountsreport is located at the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board websiteMr Aaron Cleavely-Millwood,Mr Kerry McHugh, Director(http://www.auasb.gov.au/Home.aspx) at:Director Ms Christine Moore, Hospitalityhttp://www.auasb.gov.au/auditors_responsibilities/ar4.pdf Mr Leo Colgar, AccountantMr Robert OCallaghan, Sales This description forms part of our auditors report.Mr Peter Conelius, Emergency MGT ManagerMr.Joseph Corrigan, CompanyMr Rex Ogden, HotelierBDO Audit Pty Ltd DirectorMrs Carole Parker, TeacherMr Phillip Cottrell, Farmer Mr Ian Pont Chartered, AccountantMr Jeremy Curtis, CharteredMr Kieran J Rodgers, Correctional Accountant Officer Mr Julius D Delino, RN Mr Rafael Rosa, Engineer Clayton Eveleigh Prof Gabriel Donleavy, Professor ofMr David Rosso Director AccountingMr Jason Saffy, General ManagerSydney, 6 October 2021 Ms Helen Duckham, Lawyer Ms Chelcey Salinger, TrichologistMr Christian Dupressoir, Chemist/ Mr Mark Salman, Chief Operating Industrial Hygienist OfficerDISCOUNTED PARKINGHILTON SECURE CARPARK Mrs Christene Dupressoir, HighMr Keith Sheldrick, Accountant School Teacher Mr George Slyman, Real Estate Parking vouchers for Hilton Secure259 Pitt St, Sydney CBD Mrs Gabriella Dyer, DiversionalPartner Carpark are on sale at the hotelAccess: Turn left into the HiltonTherapist Ms Margaret Sood, Directorreception desk. Hotel entrance from Pitt StreetMr Bruce Eldridge, Retired Mr Luke Spickler, Case Manager The discounted parking options are access via the 2nd drivewayMr Matthew Federici, GraduateMr Graham Spindler, Rtd Education offered by the Castlereagh BoutiqueSecure Parking. Heritage OfficerHotel to all Members and guests asRATES Mr Louis Figueroa, Retired Ms Laraine Spindler, Lecturera service, however, it is ultimately$55.00 Voucher Day Voucher Mrs Leone Frogley, School Teacher Mr Antony Spouse, Engineering the responsibility of the guests toMon - FriSingle entry / exit Mr Anthony GargaroManagerensure that they adhere to theMaximum 24 hoursMr Shane Garth, Mental HealthMs Irene Sticpewich, Retired entry/exit conditions that apply. from the time ofServicesMr Dennis Theodorou, Marketing/PROCEDURE entry. Mrs Lynda Gaskell, External EventsSales Please contact Hotel Reception$25.00 Voucher Evening/Overnight Manager Ms Christine Thomson, Co Dir - on the day at least an hour priorMon - FriSingle entry / exit Mrs Lindey, Goldsbrough Financeto arrival.Valid for entry afterMr Russell Griffiths, Civil engineerMrs Suzanne Verdich6pm exit by 9amMr William Hahn, Electronic SecurityNicholas Walker, GovernmentReception will reserve parkingthe following day.Technician Mr Peter Walsh, Workers Comp. and provide you a code to enterCANNOT be usedMr Christopher Hahn, BusinessManagerCar Park. in conjunction withHilton Secure Parking is locatedDay and WeekendOwnerMr Gill le Quesne Wedmore, Farmer at 259 Pitt Street, Sydney andVouchers. Mr Michael Handley, Police Officerand Grazieroperated 24 hours. $25.00 Voucher Weekends Mr Peter Harris, InstrumentationMs Lyn WhiteTo exit take lift from Hilton HotelSat - SunSingle entry / exit TechnicianMr Brian Williams, Landscape Lobby to car park area. Maximum 24 hoursMr William Hodder, BusinessMr Andrew Wilson, Sales manager from the time ofProprietor Mrs Cathy WinthropePlease follow exit instructions onentry. Prof Michael Hough, ProfessorMr Gordon Wiseman, Electricianyour Reservation. Late checkout penalties apply.Mr Douglas Hughes, CleanerMr Peter Wood, FinancialMr Wayne JonesOctober 2021 NSW Masonic Club19'