April Magazine 2008


Dear Fellow Members,
When I last reported to you we were in the midst of voting
for the new Board to serve you until November 2009. As a
result of the election, Lindsey Graham, Charles Lucre and
Douglas Cumming were replaced on the Board by Graham
Bryne, Ross Delaney and Andrew Colls.
At our Annual General Meeting I made specifi c mention of the work done by
the three outgoing Board members and I thank them again for all they did
during their respective tenures.
The new Board members are proving active in their participation in our
At the time of writing some 284 members have yet to renew their membership.
A fi nal reminder has been sent to them and I trust all will return to the fold and
continue to enjoy all that our Club has to offer.
Our Christmas Season was, as usual, very busy with those special Club
luncheons and a host of private functions held in the Club.